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Getting Started

Hello potential client,

For your convenience I wanted to include a link to libreoffice in case any of you didn't have a way to make a .pdf document. It's the easiest way to submit a layout so be sure to include the following information if you want a website consultation. An example of how a consultation request should look is included for your convenience - but it is just a suggested layout. Feel free to deviate from the suggestions any way that makes presenting us with your request easiest for you. 

  1. Website type - Webstore, Membership, Dating platform, News site, Blog, B2B inventory, Forum, etc.
  2. Layout - 3 column, 2 column, grid, one page, etc.
  3. Budget -  $600, $1000, $!0,000 etc (This prevents me from offering anything you can't afford.)
  4. ETA - how fast do you need this? 2 days, a week, a month, etc

Bear in mind nothing we cover in consultation costs you a penny. We mostly want to nail down what you need and what you can afford to spend on it. We come to terms before we start any work, and can set up payment schedules depending on your time frame constraints etc. You will want to purchase a domain and hosting before coming to us, because we aren't selling domains or hosting.

We never go over quoted prices. If you request changes we might need to re address the price before we can proceed - but generally minor changes at the last minute aren't a big concern. Please do not use the free consultation to attempt to solicit free website construction or to ask for construction in exchange for partnership opportunities. 

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