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About “Us”

Here I’ve decided to include some of our social media related posts as well as a bit of history about the site and an FAQ. To share or add comments click the title of an article and the comment section will be exposed.

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History Of Our Site

In 2011 after writing one of my 20 books I decided to build a website in support of it. Since then the site has gone through many dramatic transformations and has served as everything from a writing platform for independent authors – to a cross promotional platform. We’ve promoted the site through social media using numerous accounts and methods over the years and we have close to 20,000 followers just on twitter – though they are following 4 accounts to make that number.

In late 2015 I decided to scale it back and try selling services like website development and software development. I focus as often as possible on including open source solutions to try and keep prices reasonable, and we manage to stay competitively priced. We currently don’t have many clients on a regular basis.

Brian Taylor <Developer/Author>


Q.1. Do you mostly just work with Linux?

A.1. We work on every platform imaginable – we love Linux operating systems and we don’t just do websites, we help with installations, penetration tests, and a whole variety of other things that require familiarity with every operating system.

Q.2. Do you really do free promotion on social media for new websites?

A.2. Not intentionally unless we are being compensated somehow. If we see a site and love it we say so. We do get excited about new businesses online when they seem like great ideas.

Q.3. Why do you change the format so often – it seems like every few weeks you switch everything around – or was I imagining that?

A.3. No we do that – it’s to find a format sometimes for new features or to show clients what a site could look like without doing the full installation while they are in a critical phase of development.

Q.4. How many websites have you built?

A.4. More than 30 so far – and dozens for myself besides. In fact I’ve redone this website 10 times at least from scratch or using a different cms just to get better at it.

Q.5 How does anyone know if a developer actually knows what they are doing?

A.5 Usually they should be able to furnish some kind of proof. – I built the website you are on and can furnish evidence of certs and training upon request.

Q.6. Do I really need a developer for a wordpress site?

A.6. No – but it can definitely take out the guesswork. WordPress is fairly easy to install and work with – but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a critical mistake during setup and leave yourself open to problems later.

Q.7. What do I need to have a website built by you?

A.7. Up front, just the idea and enough money to meet your hosting, domain name, and 50% of my fee, which generally adjusts depending upon time needed to complete the project. A website set up like mine would typically “quote” cost around $600.00 aside from hosting and domain fees. So up front we’d find you a host, and domain, within your budget. I’d then charge you my up front 50% in this case $300.00 – When the site is exactly to where you could take over, if you wanted to save some money I can step back and reduce several hours from my second fee. We generally come in under budget – we never go over it.

Q.8. Do you furnish articles?

A.8. That’s a whole different service and is not included in my fees. I can do your initial pages while teaching you how to do the rest – after which if you want me writing your content – I’m $1 per word.

Q.9. Do you let other people post here? I have a service I want to advertise and I…

A.9. Email me to discuss it – info@alwaysintao.com

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