Quantum Computers And Related Technology

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If you have even a passive curiosity about technology and have researched quantum computers, chances are you didn’t get very far unless you started reading about it quite recently. This is mostly due to the scarcity of material that doesn’t simply re-explain the theory driving the concept of quantum computing. A quick recap of that data can be found here on wikipedia.

The summary looks a bit like:

If we can use the manipulation of tiny particles in a suspended state to affect particles at a distance, how much faster can we make computers operate/communicate?

Quantum computing, while in it’s infancy, is still a very real and rapidly evolving technology. An example of which called DWave is currently employed at least part of the time by the researchers at Google’s own Deep Mind project.

Deep mind is a general artificial intelligence project, the Dwave is a quantum computer, and these coupled with Google’s robotics projects have set the internet to “tinfoil hat mode” as conspiracy theorists start evaluating possible scenarios that end like a bad Terminator reboot.

If images of super-intelligent four legged robots is the stuff of your nightmares, that’s fine. The bigger question posed at present is, “If quantum computing takes ages to develop a completely wireless technology for communications, what will we use in the interim?”

Li-Fi is the most logical immediate replacement for the current Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi operates via radio waves, while Li-Fi operates via flickering light as seen below. (Up to 100x faster was the original estimate.)

That coupled with Google’s low/sub orbital free Wi-Fi project and Facebook’s flying 3G free internet are making news sporadically, which begs the question, “How long until the internet is really free for everyone?”

While we can not answer this definitively, there are signs pointing in that direction, like this article published in The Verge. 

In conclusion, the first time I saw a microwave in use I was pretty sure the radiation would kill us all. I was probably 6 and I still don’t glow in the dark, (I would have noticed) and a company like Google has the resources to push our technology and as a result our culture towards the future. That power comes with awesome responsibilities, but even more amazing implications.

Quantum computing is one small step towards teleportation technology, & replication technology. Ultimately with supercomputers that dwarf human intelligence on a distant horizon I think it’s safe to say that our world is ready for the change.

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