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Endorsements In Both Directions

Felix Nater of Nater Associates Ltd,  Has been a trusted friend and associate of mine for years and I wholeheartedly believe he is the best in his field. He is a workplace violence prevention specialist who's no nonsense approach to finding solutions in this challenging field has earned him my respect.
Debra Cincioni of Moms Of America, Has been and remains my closest associate for a multitude of reasons. One of her extraordinary gifts is her ability to network with business who have common goals. I defer to her considerate manner when evaluating the efficacy of new business connections.
Cliff Wallace of Ink and Iron Heroic Fantasy Has demonstrated innovative creativity and cunning in both writing and interpersonal matters. I consider him a kindred intellect and a valued friend. 
Alamgir Ahmed, Who is among other things a very intelligent trainer, has proven time and again his aptitude for evolving marketing and sales. I consider him a master of his disciplines and a valued expert in marketing.
Lisa Phillips of OpDeepState, Is a talented journalist and sensible investor. Her study of evolving news makes her a formidable resource and she is one of our valued clients and friends.
Yosi Bloomstein of Yingele, is a brilliant developer and clever artist. I consider their apps the clear cut best of educational application gaming for young kids and value their contributions on social media.
Todd Appleman, Public Relations Specialist Has been a trusted friend and adviser for years,  I'm quite certain he's the only fellow who would go to the lengths he has to improve his client's standing. I was talking to Todd as he literally leaned out of a helicopter to get pictures of a corn maze to help a commercial venue attract more visitors.

There are some who believe that social media can never produce the genuine relationship that comes from a good handshake and a look in a person's eye. Brian Taylor blows that notion out of the water and then some. We've cultivated a business relationship comparable to the one I had with my dear coach and mentor Bill Mooney. Brian is the epitome of a business associate and friend who often does things for me without having asked for it. If you want to hire someone who will exceed every expectation and leave you with ultimate satisfaction hire the best. Hire Brian Taylor! Without having asked for one cent, Brian has helped increase my professional visibility on the internet by showing me the value of keyword phrases. An incredibly capable person whose honed interpersonal skills differentiates him from most. Brian is a person who you can count on to deliver excellent outcomes. ~ Felix Nater


"Over the past few years, I have come to respect Brian Taylor on many levels. We first met on Twitter; and immediately, Brian stood out as a genuine person that I have come to trust for his sage advice, as well as his ability to truly engage with others 140 characters at a time. I know Brian to be a capable author of more than 15 books, highly knowledgeable on digital technology, including podcasts, blogging, video editing, software development, and website development. He also well-versed in the areas of customer service, sales, and marketing, and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that he leverages beyond his own projects for the benefit of others. Brian is incredibly talented at using social media to build trust, engagement, and mutually beneficial connections. If you haven’t connected with Brian, and you are a serious social networker, or an author, I would highly recommend reaching out to him. I am certainly happy to have Brian among my valued connections." ~ Todd Appleman


I have worked with Brian indirectly through social media. A keen influencer, authority and advisor on matters and issues surrounding not just social media but web design and software development too I have no hesitation in recommending Brian to anyone wishing to use his expertise or advice.
A very positive and proactive individual I know Brian will be an asset to any company or individual who wishes to engaged with him. ~ Alamgir Ahmed


Brian is a superb teacher and author...His words are straight forward and succinct. 
The subject matter that he writes about is very complex, yet he makes it so very easy to understand...
I'm glad to recommend Brian and his material... Debra Cincioni


A Literary Master & Founder of #WritersCross A Student of #Zen
& the Wisdom It Brings. As Well As a Fine 
Friend & Sounding
Board. ~ Cliff Wallace


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April 29, 2017
To whom it may concern:
I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Taylor in developing my website over the past 6 weeks. I had worked with Brian in the past when he walked me through the installation of Linux Mint on my laptop computer.
Having very little experience in HTML and website development, I contracted with Brian to give me insight into the current technologies and tools available for designing and developing my website.
Brian was able to set up the website in only a few hours, and made the entire process very smooth and easy. His knowledge of networks, security, programming, and web marketing have proven invaluable to me in this process. He included technical documentation complete with screen shots and explicit instructions. He has made himself available to me as questions arise, and has been a delight to work with. His ability to teach the technical aspects of the task at hand has enabled me to work independently.
I highly recommend his services to anyone who requires website development, internet security, operating system upgrades and installation, and full life cycle project management.
Lisa C. Phillips
author and activist