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How To Generate Leads As An Affiliate

Hello Affiliate,

If you haven't already signed up to be an affiliate, chances are you haven't signed up to be a site user either. I'll link them below to expedite the process for you. This will be our crash course in generating qualified leads so you can start earning money right away. It won't require a lot of time or training but there are a few basic things to remember when going through the process. We'll get into that in a minute, first let's get you signed up!

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Get your invitation to our slack channel so you can walk your potential client through our process and see what they purchase. This guarantees a degree of transparency between us as coworkers and also shows you whether they purchased our services or not and for how much. Remember you only get paid if they buy something, so it's important to only bring qualified leads through the process.

Finding a qualified lead, method 1 - Email: By going through your existing contacts you can quickly determine if anyone is either qualified or might know someone who is. A quick email invitation could be as simple as:

Hi (their name),

This is (your name) and I was wondering who we know that needs any website design work. I know a developer who's offering me commission if I can bring him good leads. Let me know if you can think of anyone because the developer is available to start right away.

Thanks (their name)

Warmest regards,

(your name) 

Obviously this is just an example and you are free to do it any way you prefer, but succinct questions often get succinct answers. If they have questions they need answered before they can agree to a free consultation you may ask me by email at any time. You may also send them my email ( to ask me themselves and as long as you have an affiliate code you can mention them to me and I'll make sure you are noted as the referrer so you get your commission. If they ask my name it's Brian Taylor.

Method 2 - postcards or similar mailers. - If you are already involved in mail campaigns feel free to use the opportunity to also refer potential clients to me by mentioning the affiliate code in a mailer i.e. "I can get you a great rate on a website at just mention this ad and (affiliate code) to Brian, and I'll try to be there while he discusses options with you in a free consultation!

Method 3 - Social Media - Hi @(Whomever) I noticed you were discussing web designers! I know a guy who can probably help you with your project and if you hire him I get a commission. What do you say, want a free consultation to price some options? 

*Notice I'm not asking you to sell anything? That's because I don't expect you to familiarize yourself with everything we do, or even try to remember any specific services to push. This is all interpersonal correspondence because people in networks connect to see what other folks have to offer. That's our best chance of finding out what a client really really wants. There isn't a better way to satisfy a client than to know from them directly what they need, so your job is really just to get them to me to discuss it. 

Really the methods are just examples too - if you would design another approach I have no issues with that. Mostly my intention is to spread the word about my new services, and enlist folks like you in a meaningful way so you can prosper by helping me get clients. With any luck you could come up with 3-5 a week and make some serious money. It is entirely possible for you to make $2500 a week doing this, provided you bring good leads and they buy. Even just one good lead a week could get you $500 because I'm honoring the 10% pledge - If they are paying $200 - you only get $20, if they are paying $2000 - you get $200, and so on. Every good client is a payday for both of us and stroke of good luck for them because I offer a level of support that most developers shy away from. I've even walked clients through setting up social media campaigning etc from scratch, helped them find the right products, the right marketing, and we do a ton of different kinds of web design work from graphics to content management systems to customized coding for tie ins. We've helped deploy the servers the sites were going to be on and we never go over a price we quote.

You can confidently send leads to us knowing we're 100% committed to giving our clients the best services possible. As our representatives you are a part of that process. So please be considerate, and professional in any correspondences on our behalf, so that you were a part of that wonderful experience they had! It's not unusual for clients to come back for more websites, more custom coding, etc so your potential to build up a residual income is here too. Your one referral might eventually want 40 websites and your commission is still your commission if you were the one who walked them in.

 The future of online business is starting today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thank you for your time!