Kids Rejoice New Apps By @Yingele_Parrot

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As a father I’m picky about technology when it comes to kids. Age appropriate entertainment is hard to come by and edutainment is usually a horrifyingly bad joke perpetrated on parents by bad designers of lousy products.

I could cite at least 30 products I’ve seen that had every parent in the real world wondering how anything so horrendous could make it past a test group, and often found myself chiming in with – “They get paid to approve the designs and move the product to market apparently.”

Some companies have even turned their sights to video games and apps. Most of which thankfully end up at the bottom of the charts on google play – or buried in landfills when nobody buys them (such as in the case of the 90% crap ware kids games released over the last 4 decades.)

Recently I was relieved to find a company that does kids apps differently. They keep the education and entertainment factors nicely balanced without being condescendingly annoying to the child, (or the parent) & they use a system of design that results in a very stable app that doesn’t crash the minute your child manages an achievement.

@Yingele_Parrot on twitter representing Yingele – creators of Counting Parrots, which I reviewed here.

Yingele has recently added more incredible apps to their lineup, currently they offer:

All 3 games come in free and paid versions offering exceptional experiences on each – so definitely check them out and look forward to enjoying it with them, or let them figure it out – both are rewarding experiences!

I rate all three games a solid 5 stars for age appropriate fun and learning
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