Why Smartwatches Need Refinement

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I have tinkered with many of the newest gadgets and have begun to sense a great hesitation when I get near the smartwatches. Granted when they are set up correctly many of them are cool and have lots of features, but there is often a horrible catch.

Many of them are like the apple version which relies on it’s own brand for functionality or the samsung gear 2 which sadly require compatible phones or tablets and offer no easy workarounds or standalone versions as alternatives.

I didn’t say there weren’t workarounds, just none that I would bother with when the alternative is simply returning or selling the device.

I have at this moment in my room a device that I was excited to get, and eager to use. It sits in a box and as time goes by it becomes less and less likely that I will bother trying to make use of it.

Worse still it reminds me of other bad experiences I have had with similar merchandise. In this case it was Samsung who dropped the ball. In other instances it was other companies.

I like my samsung galaxy note, not the note 2, or 3, or 4, or 5… I liked my normal samsung galaxy note and it isn’t compatible with the watch.

Nor are any of my non samsung android devices, and even the app manager available through third parties doesn’t work.

I could spend time trying to install a different OS but why should I have to? Wasn’t the point of this thing convenience and even luxury?

It isn’t convenient, and seeing as it doesn’t even tell time without the app manager it isn’t luxurious.

The push for brand loyalty is one thing, this is another.

The worst part is that I have an android development environment sitting right in front of me, and yet have no idea why they wouldn’t have just made the app manager for android rather than exclusively for samsung. The excuses might include access to bluetooth etc except the android app store is full of devices that use all of those features.

There are samsung specific features, and my old smartphone can use them with no problem. So it really is like they are thumbing their noses at people who didn’t buy a more recent samsung phone.

Why didn’t they make an app manager that runs on PC’s? They have that kies program for pc to update their phones, why not to enable the watch?

I’m forced to accept the fact that they have stubbornly done this to try to force people to buy new samsung phones. Most of which must be made to do normal tethering for wifi through third party apps. The note could do it, the newer ones lack this function to replace it with mobile hotspot options and that doesn’t mean the same thing. I can use my original samsung galaxy note to allow a computer to access the wifi if I need to, I prefer that option over the mobile hotspot option which by the way was also on the original galaxy note.

It’s a conspiracy?

Probably not, but it was poorly thought out and by now I’m sure they know it. However they can remedy at least one of these situations by biting the bullet and putting out a PC based app manager sooner than later.

Or I’ll eventually get bored and find a way to install something else on mine, something that works without all of this drama. Maybe a micro embedded linux like on that Raspberry Pi2.

Minecraft on a smartwatch… sounds awful doesn’t it? I wanted skype and a camera on my wrist. That’s what it was supposed to be, not that thing in the corner that makes me write a review like this.

Meanwhile beware of these kinds of tactics when you purchase anything I suppose. After all, it’s your money until it’s their money and once it’s their money you have no options through the customer service department.


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