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Hello reader,

At least once in a while I run into an obstacle that requires a collaborative effort to overcome. It has been my experience that getting over most hurdles requires a little teamwork so I thought it might be smart to offer all of you a chance to get in on the "action" by including you in our marketing effort. I need leads to do what I do, but I also am so busy doing what I do that there simply isn't time. That's where you come in. I've added an affiliate tracking system to my website that would allow a good sales rep to really clean up. 10% may not sound like much but when you consider that websites go for anywhere from $100 to $100,000 dollars conservatively, 10% can be anything from $10, to $10,000. My affiliate system points out that there are two specific tiers of compensation, one is $25-$30 for a website that costs $300 by referral. The other says $75-$100 for sites at $1000 or more.

That is me trying you out. 

In essence if you can generate me qualified leads that become sales you get paid moments after I get paid. If you generate me more than 3 leads that become sales every week your 10% commission not only becomes a fixed percentage, we also start discussing perks.  I like perks, perks can keep us both happy. I like the idea of upping the commission to 20% or even 30% on that 5th weekly sale. I think that if we look at how much that could actually generate for you, you'll appreciate what I mean. Let's say you get me 5 leads that each are paying customers who want $400 websites. That's $200 in your pocket right?

Actually at that level I can make you some real money

After a few times of you getting me solid clients, I'm going to want to bump those incentives up, because I like working fast. For starters if you are getting me that kind of business, I'll take some time to train you on specifics and keep you on staff so we can talk about you generating sales and doing some of this kind work for a much higher percentage. That won't simply vanish if you have a few bad weeks either, I want your help so I'm willing to make it worth your while. The thing is if I don't make money, you won't either.

So what kind of affiliate would you like to be?

Some folks will sign up and stick the banner on their site and hope that a few bucks roll in. It might happen too, but that won't get them the big money that is literally guaranteed by generating good qualified leads and walking them through the sales process with me in slack. That might sound laborious for $25 but let's face it, the closer they are to buying when they arrive, the less time it takes to watch the process. It's also a lot less laborious for a quick $100. So that's a good lead, not that we don't want every good lead, but the big leads are your big ticket (mine too) so sign up and think it through. Comb through your contacts and decide how to approach them about trying our service and see how easy it can be to change directions. Who knows, this might become a full time thing for you! 

After all, it starts by saying you know somebody when you hear the need is there.  Web development... "You know a guy" that's how this get's going. See our article about generating leads to learn more.

*A qualified lead that becomes a paying customer = someone who buys our service because you referred them to us directly using our affiliate tracking system as seen on the affiliate link - be sure to read terms and conditions.