Microscope Worth Every Penny

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I do occasionally find something cool on ebay and this week was definitely no exception! USB Microscopes range in price from about what I paid to just under $8000.00. Naturally I didn’t need anything insanely powerful – but for about $20 I got something way more powerful than I expected!

This microscope (shown) takes pictures up to 1000x magnification, and while I have no way to be 100% certain that it’s exactly that much magnification I certainly was astonished to see just how much mag I got for such a small investment.

The pictures below were all taken with this microscope and it’s accompanying software, none of them have been retouched and it’s my first day playing with this item so forgive any imperfect captures. I’m really looking forward to doing the video capture of something like a petri dish of mold growing!

First shot I took was at the default 40x


Note there are two hairs, one is human, one is feline, no felines were harmed to take the picture. She sheds a little so at this angle there isn’t much difference. The next challenge was figuring out where to place the scope for better captures and as it turns out placing the transparent plastic shell directly on the surface you wish to capture is ideal. No slides were required for any of these shots, though for the salt we used one.

I’ll include a few more pictures with captions telling what they are and you can see what I mean. This was an impulse purchase that really blew me away.

The fibrous brim of my new Linux ballcap



This is approximately full magnification. A single salt crystal.
Hair on a micrometer mesh
Brushed aluminum cellphone case
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