Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Program

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From around the mid 1980’s (Nintendo era,) many of us were looking at the infancy of shooter games and imagining more immersive experiences. The ones that early virtual reality technology flirted with offering to the general public were so cost prohibitive that only a select few ever experienced games like doom through what passed for VR in the 90’s.

Today as companies offer commercially viable virtual reality gear the prices are slowly coming down.  The reasons for this aren’t hard to grasp, the processing power needed to accomplish VR today costs only the tiniest fraction of what it once did.

But what about augmented reality?

Augmented reality isn’t an aside from virtual reality, but rather it incorporates the real world and virtual elements into a seamless experience that could become normalized as early as 2018.

How does it work?

There are plenty of other videos showing many new uses for this emerging technology. At a glance there were windows on walls playing Netflix videos, which could travel along with the viewer. There were 3D prototyping demonstrations, games, and other more subtly nuanced applications which highlighted the best reasons for holographic technology through a headset.

It works by incorporating cameras for positioning, and a headset with incredibly low latency due to recent advancements in connectivity as well as data storage and graphics processing. It incorporates a first new processor type called an HPU or “Holographic Processing Unit.”

We are now approaching an age where a simple sandbox app for design and development could be used to create functional prototypes before you could even take off the headset.

As a rule the better our technology gets the faster it evolves. This evolution has begun in such a hopeful way that nobody can really predict how many problems it will potentially solve in any given industry.

For home users it will open doors for the imaginative, and provide new avenues for entertainment.

Think forward to a near future where environments can cater to your augmented reality experiences, stores with interactive menus that update you as you walk by. Restaurants with virtual entertainers streaming to your table side, movies where you get a say in the outcome…

The sky is the limit but perhaps with the right app you’ll be charting stars through these visors someday.

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