Windows On Android

September 13, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 0

Hello readers, One of the nicer features of any mobile device to emerge in recent years opens up a world of possibilities for emulation fans. […]

Simulation Theory

September 3, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 2

Hello readers, By now you may have heard of this notion that everything could be “just a simulation.” Chances are you haven’t heard some of […]

Grub Rescue

August 9, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 0

Hello reader, If you are dual booting Windows, and Linux, chances are that at least once you’ve been greeted with a broken bootloader, a busybox, […]

Better IOT Security

July 30, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 3

Hello readers, IOT security is really network security 101. When embedded software devices touch networks that suffer vulnerabilities due to  weaknesses in the firmware, there […]

Bitcoin and BCC

July 29, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 0

Hello readers, There is some confusion regarding the changing of bitcoin from the current blockchain. There are differences between a hard fork, and a soft […]

Python For Security

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 13

Hello reader, Chances are you have wondered how some programming languages are implemented for security. C languages running behind the scenes on many heuristics based […]


July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 1

Hello readers, Back by request the bash commands: GNU bash, version 4.3.48(1)-release (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) These shell commands are defined internally. Type `help’ to see this list. […]

Removing Ransomware

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 1

Hello readers, I wanted to include a video I found about removing ransomware recently – obviously this isn’t effective against every variety but it shows […]


July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 2

Hello Readers, If you haven’t begun investigating bitcoin because you weren’t sure where to begin, a good place might be coinbase. A fairly typical exchange […]

My Writing

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 42

Hello readers, Below you’ll find a list of books I’ve written since 2011. Books by Brian Taylor Showing 1 – 12 of all Results Books : Advanced Search […]

Tao Te Ching

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 3

Taoism as a philosophy exists in part due to the popularity of the Tao Te Ching – which was an essay on the nature of […]

George Romero Dead At 77

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 0

George A. Romero, the legendary writer-director from Pittsburgh who made the 1968 cult classic Night of the Living Dead for $114,000, thus spawning an unrelenting parade of […]

Linux Mint

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 2

Hello readers, A stock review of Linux Mint 18.2 will reveal only a few changes from the last version which we give a 5 star […]

Raspberry Pi 3 Review

July 17, 2017 @AlwaysInTao 0

Hello readers, In the past few weeks I’ve managed to test several operating systems on the raspberry pi 3 in spite of several technical difficulties. […]