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This will cover how to use adb from another computer to enable Goggle Play Store on Asus Tinkerboard Running Android. There are a few variations between doing this from Linux vs Windows so the video will cover Windows, and I’ll put the variations for Linux below. Please note, the video doesn’t mention that the download needs to be extracted, and then the system folder itself needs to be dragged (out of the resulting folder) to the directory that will be pushing to android. On Linux this will be the home directory rather than from downloads or wherever, but you can use cd command to get to the correct directory and still execute the needed commands.

Courtesy of ETA PRIME

(Download link from video) *Unpack, then remove contents to home directory prior to executing push system commands.

For Linux, watch the video and get an idea of what you are really doing here. Open a terminal:

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install adb
adb connect your tinkerboards’ IP
adb root

adb shell
(May require reconnection)

from within the shell execute

mount -o remount, rw

adb push system /system

This will take a while to complete, and was done on a stock image, no developer mode, nothing specific enabled other than Wifi.

adb reboot

While android reboots you can safely close the Linux Terminal (cntrl + C)

Taken in adroid via google earth and screenshot tool

Be aware that there are apps like google docs that will try to prompt you to update google services. The update doesn’t work on this system yet but if you did it already you can undo it in app manager. Simply force stop then disable the playservices app and it will offer to install the stock one. Also note we didn’t bother with fastboot – it simply wasn’t needed.

Looking for a Review? We rate this distro on TinkerBoard a 4.5 out of 5 after this fix, prior it was only 3.5. Primary hindering factor was stability, which was related to overall speed. Some tabs occasionally hang forcing GUI back to home screen. This is a minor annoyance at best, particularly after installing PlayStore, which simply shines aside from the forced use of outdated play services. This distro can make it to 5 out of 5 if a fix allowing up to date play services can be implemented.

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