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While we make no claims to have the definitive insight into what the “best” apps actually would be, we certainly know which ones we actually use often enough to consider them “must have.” Whether we’re talking about productivity or passing the time, this is our list of top android apps.

Google Hangouts

Obviously the VOIP calling, video calling and text messages are similar in scope to Skype, but unlike Skype, your phone number is not only free, but can call landlines and works well in spite of being used via wifi. We wouldn’t want to be without it as the alternatives are all more expensive and often less reliable options.

Google Maps

Did you know you can use Google Maps without using data? The GPS still works provided you set up the map before leaving, this may have a range restriction, but stopping where there is wifi to download another segment may be possible even if your service is out.


The easiest way to send a large file, most email including google’s has a data cap that prevents larger files. The quickest way around that is uploading to Dropbox, and then sharing the link to allow the download. I’ve shared customized operating systems in this manner, it just works.

Angry Birds

Perhaps a bit dated, I still find myself playing Angry Birds Seasons while waiting for people. Bad Piggies too.

Google Authenticator

Cryptocurrency exchanges, mining operations, and similarly protected accounts using this extra factor are by far more trusted in my opinion. It could probably be compromised if someone stole your phone, but otherwise this is a handy option.

Phone Locator Apps

No matter which ones you prefer, it’s absolutely worth having one if your phone goes missing. Windows 10 has a few options for this as well, and of course your carrier will have options via phone number. (There are websites that offer this service.)


Not a gps driven compass, but that’s what makes it useful. Whether you are navigating on foot through the woods, or trying to find something highly magnetic, this app can be a game changer.


While I don’t use this app as often anymore, I still think it has the most effective tools for sharing time at a distance. If they ever add in suites for collaborating on programming, or anything similar, I suspect you’ll see an exodus back to this platform.

Google Docs

Surprisingly fun ways to collaborate exist these days and nothing is quite as much fun as 2 people writing on one document when one person has a different idea of what to say. This tool should have a voice chat option to make it easier to explain what is being said, but I’m almost glad it doesn’t yet.


Too many choices prevent me from narrowing this down to one brand, but VPN’s can get you past many difficult challenges like watching movies in countries where you are blocked… (Hint hint U.K.) also worth mentioning this can be accomplished with browser plugins and proxies. The main reason to invest in a decent VPN or to configure an open source one, is security. Point to point tunneling is slow for many tasks, but almost critical for things you want to keep secure.


Juice is a popular option, but really any working ssh terminal for system administration from a phone can come in handy. Likewise FTP and VNC for remotely updating websites or controlling a desktop from your phone. That might sound silly, but has been extremely useful for me in the past when managing multiple systems or when not having a wireless keyboard or mouse handy on the road.


No matter which you prefer, managing multiple social media accounts with just one app is way easier than using multiple apps for each. While social media sites press you to use their apps rather than the browser on most mobile devices, we’d rather not use Facebook or Twitter’s own app, as managing multiple accounts requires far too many steps and sucks battery life out of a device at a ridiculous rate. The same goes for Linkdin, for whoever is still trying to make good use of it.

Streaming Apps

While I may not be doing much streaming via mobile these days, I’m almost certain to continue doing so depending on the projects I’m working on at the time. At one time my options were extremely limited, but today there are more ways to livestream than ever before. Ustream works great, as do many other apps, and for social media events this is good.

What did you think belonged on this list? If it’s something we agree with we might just add it, so feel free to let us know below.

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