Why Parents Should Download Counting Parrots

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I’d like to begin by stating that I’ve never been offered compensation for my reviews. (Not that I’d refuse to do so if offered – heck send me a proposal!) I did win a contest sponsored by this company after writing a review about just how wonderful I thought their work was. My reward was a Samsung galaxy tablet. It’s been awhile but my review was of the kids app Counting Parrots by Yingele.

As a father who has invested a great deal of time in computers and technology I seldom am as disgusted as I’ve been by the lackluster games and apps that masquerade as edutainment. I wouldn’t let the developers of such apps or games write an app for an alarm clock for fear that it would nag me with hideous colors and sounds.

There is an exception – and Yingele has figured out the formula. “Actual applications that engage a child’s attention span with something that is meant to teach and reward without pandering, or driving every adult within 100 yards into a perpetual eyeroll.”

We love the app. 5 stars go check it out!

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