Hello readers,

I seldom like to accept sad endings so as my health improved I managed to get my job back. That was the best news I could hope for. Of course now the fun little twist is that I have contracted Covid-19 and am on a 5 day leave. I can only guess if 5 days will be sufficient but I have to hope that it will be.

What Kind Of Symptoms

I woke with fever and chills and my head and throat were very sore. This has persisted and while my body seems to crave sleep I feel like I have been on a very long car trip. Every position hurts, too hot, too cold, and will someone please remove this dagger from my head?

I’m delighted to be back to work but terrified of these symptoms. I walked into our garage and nearly fainted. I can imagine what will happen as I throw bags and boxes in 90+ degree heat. Perhaps something like Day Quill? I don’t really know what to expect but that’s how it goes sometimes.

A few weeks later I am well and the job is going great so I suppose I am just delighted to report that I am back doing what I love. If you are ever in the neighborhood feel free to stop by and say hello.

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