Battle Of The Bulge Memorial Eustis Florida

It’s January… If I were still in Ohio it would be very cold right now. I lend my grandfather my hooded sweatshirt because in the shade it’s a breezy 60 degrees. We lived in this same area 25 years ago which feels like another life. We swam then in this weather too. We get out of his car and walk with my grandmother maybe 50 yards to a bench in the sun overlooking Lake Eustis but in the path there is an obelisk which stands rather innocuously in spite of it’s size.

This mentions the date but not the reason…
How could I not share the spirit of this memorial with you?

We sit watching the boats and guessing the depth of the lake at around 60 feet. It’s certain that a quarter dropped overboard at the center would be lost.

This is the world right now.

It’s a lovely day. It’s not cold, but there is a solemn feeling about the town. Everyone seems so busy, and maybe not as relieved as we are to be out and breathing this air. It can be a lovely day when one puts their mind to it.

This was Eden before the land was owned by madmen.

By the time we leave we’ve counted at least 5 boats, met 2 people, 4 dogs… It’s not strange at all. My grandfather has no memory of these things. I’ll remember, Grandma will remember. It’s okay… Also that memorial because someone felt similar once but on another scale.

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