Designing A Modern Security Platform For Home Use

Hello reader, If you are considering cobbling together an ad-hoc platform for home use for yourself for an elderly friend or family member, there are certainly several models to follow. For developers however the trends in security seem to be woefully overlooking a painfully obvious vector when it comes to platform development.

Human Interaction With Scammers

You could go “high end” and have wireless cameras, motion activated monitoring, and every new contrivance like 5g mobile routers on battery backups and the latest in facial recognition software at the door, but if someone can be fooled into disclosing information over a phone, it’s a waste of money and effort.

The Increased Attacks On Seniors

2019 so far seems to be a minefield for seniors who locally are reporting massive increases in fraudulent calls related to medical, charity, and even incentive programs masquerading as relief from oppressive medical and prescription costs. What is needed to alleviate this strain is a tighter model of call screening from the service providers. While we wait the 40 years for them to really get serious about that – we should look towards the VOIP services that already exist that can be implemented as part of the security for our most vulnerable citizens.

Mail As A Vector

Just like with cyber security, our physical toplology for security has points that need evaluation. At a minimum we should be looking at fraudulent mail, flyers, and solicitors, as closely as we (should) would fraudulent email, ads, and redirect links. Mail isn’t a simple thing to police because what constitutes a legitimate service these days is appalling. Companies acting as intermediaries between the senior and the medicaid office who pretend to solicit discounts, pass as a service. Don’t get me started on the miracle cure product advertisements.

A Successful Topology Might Include

Call “timer to block” function, upon an immediate hangup the right software could ask if it was a fishing call, or unwanted solicitor, and if so the caller should become listed, indexed, and be investigated. With mail there should be a fraud bin at the post office for dropping off scam mail, and fraudulent mail. Home camera systems should be infrared, doorbell cameras should have facial recognition.

You Can Think Of More Ways

This isn’t meant to be the comprehensive solution, but to start us looking at solutions that can improve the security dramatically. Add your own ideas and forward them to the companies that do this for a living. Feel free to include a link to this article and let’s make 2020 safer for seniors.

Lotto Scams*

This addendum was suggested by a reader named Harry Mosinzon who recently mentioned that he was approached by a lotto scammer and he found this link which you may find useful/helpful.

Thank you Harry!

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