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I have a bit of sad news. I had to walk away from a job that I loved because I’m getting old. That may not sound like a big deal but for me it was a very big deal. I often take jobs to try them out and see if they are enjoyable, I sometimes report this information to readers through various channels. A bit like Mike Rowe on dirty jobs but with a bit more focus on what is enjoyable about a job.

So Greendrop was truly a gem, a true pleasure to work for as the main duties were simple, the work was easy, the interactions with donors was delightful, and the management staff were truly my friends. When I tell you it was like going to the gym and having fun all day I am not exaggerating even a little bit. Most of the workers are too young to realize how good the job is, because they haven’t had as many lousy jobs as I have. (I may produce a comprehensive list of those some day.)

What went wrong?

That would be me… throwing bags like a 20 year old and slowly destroying my wrists, back, ribs, and finally pride.

We would have trucks come to unload our inventory, we would help in this process and the first few times it practically killed me. The repetitive motion was degrading my wrist to the point I was wearing a wrist brace every week after. Then my hands stopped working correctly. This wasn’t the job’s fault, I genuinely have destroyed my body in gyms for years and quit and sat on couches for years and have cumulative damage from both. I went from being comfortable doing the work to dreading the next lift almost immediately as I suffered double shoulder impingement. My arm got stuck over my head one night and luckily Debra helped me unstick it, which was agony itself.

Could there have been any accommodations? Not really, again the job is simple, but as it took longer and longer to recover, this damage did me in. It didn’t help that an Air Conditioner shut down on a 90 degree day on black top but truthfully even if it hadn’t I couldn’t keep going. It was humbling to say the least but I learned where my limits were right there as my ribs prevented me from getting a full breath. I’ve been struggling with the back injury, rib strain, shoulder damage, and more for years now. It has to recover enough for me to move or I’m engaging all of these auxiliary muscle systems like an 80 year old trying to carry a tray of drinks to a table.

So instead of my fun beloved job where I was truly happy, I get to go back to remote work in a call center or something equally boring. I’m guessing that constitutes as sad. Meanwhile if you know anyone looking for a great place to work give these guys a call. 1-888-944-DROP Especially in Virginia/Maryland area where the donors are so nice.

Sometimes they bring you cookies.

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