So many people in my life have big concerns: sick spouses, sick kids, bad neighbors, rude bosses, and it never changes because life does that thing. It takes your ordinary circumstance and adds a stress.

Tropical Animals At 40-50 Degrees

It gets cold in Florida. Not compared to Maine or New Hampshire, but compared to Florida. People cover plants here sometimes at night and I haven’t seen my curly tailed lizards since September or Early October. One can argue that it’s good for some degree of challenge to an ecosystem, as this allows it to struggle to thrive. Some creatures need more comfort than others.

Everything Has A Need

Is it wrong to prevent all suffering? Perhaps, as it is natural to deal with some discomfort. Being denied that can be the recipe for disaster. When someone has no grasp of compassion, we can often wonder what their relationship with suffering looks like. I don’t believe suffering serves any purpose once we have discerned this. Compassion comes from generosity and generosity comes from comfort. It is a cycle but it doesn’t have to be perpetual. Everything has a need for relief from suffering.

It’s Not As Bad As It Seems

The built in mechanisms to deal with discomfort often are enough. It helps to not linger on things that make us miserable, but how many people really know that? How many know that continually fighting with circumstances mentally does nothing but prolong suffering? If we could direct the world mentally it certainly wouldn’t be through frustration. No good comes of trying to constantly correct everything to our imagining. That is a recipe for madness.

Relief Is What It Seems Like

A little cold blooded creature that seems to be miserable in the cold. Some would understand if I brought him in and kept him overnight until the sun came out in the morning. To others that is not a natural thing to do, or they think it can be detrimental. I didn’t but I considered it, and reflected upon that consideration long after he scuttled away to eat bugs.

No Wrong Answer

Is it nobler in the mind to suffer? (Shakespeare) I suppose the question becomes, “By what measure do you choose?” When the question regards being compassionate, and whether there should be limits. There is no wrong answer, but if you enjoy the notion of having a soul you should perhaps sit with the question.

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