Hello readers,

It’s been awhile since I even mentioned Taoism on this website. It’s a bit alarming to have a website that was originally meant to show a Taoist perspective, and then somehow lose sight of that goal. This assumes of course that we in fact lost sight of that goal… Yet as I look back at what I have done on here over the last few years it seems like a madman’s diary of sorts. Which perhaps it is.

The archives (which are still visited regularly) do not in fact have articles from further back than maybe 3-4 years. You could find older ones in the wayback machine but, that was intentional. I have decided that my/our “current thinking,” should outweigh old thinking. I did leave those beloved articles about single board computers, and hacking fundamentals. The website has been more of a transformative experience as I did those reviews, and tried at times to sell books, both mine, and others.


We haven’t monetized the site yet… that has a lot to do with why you don’t see regular content at this moment. I still write books, I still program various applications, and I very much am doing little odd jobs like web work and taking calls for companies that pay me to do it from home.

I actually lost one of those recently… it was a QA situation and sadly I wasn’t able to get up to the standard they required. (They weren’t really going to help with that, which is fine as they had so many people they didn’t need me.) I enjoyed the work though and it was a generally great experience,

I’m looking at doing something like AAA from home, because I imagine helping tow trucks find stranded pedestrians would be a neat challenge.

The Future

Well okay I am finishing a book in the chronicles of arcadia series (ignore book 1 as books 2-3 are just better if you do.) I’ll be doing many many more articles if I can find a decent way to get the site monetized. I may even allow guest posts once that happens. So stay tuned and of course thanks for reading this.

Special shoutout to my Cousins and Debra’s family, who have managed to catch the dreaded Covid 19, along with their spouses and in some cases kids. It’s a dreadful thing and our thoughts are very much with you.

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