The Ship I Made Last Night On Space Engineers

Hello reader,

I’ll start by saying I now; “Make ships all the time,” and generally fall in and out of love with them depending on how they perform in the Vanilla (unmodified) Space Engineers on Survival Mode…

What the hell is space engineers and why are you blogging about this?

Space Engineers by Keen Software is a Beta Game available on Steam that takes a sandbox game environment; like the ones found in Gary’s Mod, or Minecraft, and gears it towards: deep space mining, spaceship construction, etc. It has a heavy focus on environment but as yet hasn’t implemented much in the way of pre-designed environmental situations. That isn’t a criticism, just an observation. Fortunately the modding community have developed so much additional material to flesh out the experience that it doesn’t need it to be a thoroughly enjoyable game. You can suffocate, you can die from injuries, physics can ruin your day in a lot of different ways. There are NPC wolves, spiders, drones, and even ships and bases. You are not currently going to see a humanoid bot, or npc coming towards you on foot however. So multiplayer is generally the way to go.

I’m blogging about programming, development, and anything else that seems appropriate actually.

Programmable Blocks & Scripts – In the video below I’m going to have you look for the screens that display information about inventory and altitude etc.

I’d estimate the ship to be around 145 yards long… Over 13,000 tons

Scripting: (Modding) in C Language (Clang) in this case C# (sharp) allows us a few interesting tidbits as several of the screens are using independent scripting provided by modders who made it possible to display ship layout, ship systems, and a variety of other features that have drastically improved the immersion of the game.

People mod games all the time though right?

Yes – and in a sandbox you get something spectacular when that functionality works particularly well. Many mods break as games update and sandboxes are no exception. For now I am using, testing, and removing, mods at a rate of maybe 2-6 a week. This has included Star Trek type mods that caused game crashes (Warp Core, Weapons, Re uploaded shields etc.) It seems like there is a subculture that steals credit for modding and I don’t quite know what to make of that. I do know if I made a mod and someone stole credit for it I’d probably want to kneecap them… I mean I’d discuss my displeasure with them over a cup of warm cocoa. Because yeah that is just as effective.

So the ship then.

You saw the video… #Cheers I’ll add a link to download it here.

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