It’s not just the breathing. The intention behind a thing is powerful, you can feel intent when someone pokes at you gingerly or cruelly even if they aren’t varying the pressure.

Attention to the breath… Yes that is important. Not following your flights of fancy as they distract you into mentally recounting things, or arguing with cats, etc. Attention to the breather… Sure! To whom does the breathing belong etc. The intent is the thing though. Are you sitting being mindful of the breath to find the breather? Or to find an up-lifted-ness?

Yes that kind of article.

Enlighten-ment. (I know, it’s like I just discovered hyphens right?) I’ve been butchering the English language for years, but I can’t explain it. I have reached a point where I don’t justify errors or corrections so in two weeks this might be edited. Or just all caps everywhere because “whatever.”

Enlightenment… A lightness of being; a total understanding or acceptance of things just as they are. An arguably spiritual state of profound significance.

3 pounds of flax. So Buddha was questioned in a field by a critical farmer who spotted his entourage and promptly assumed they were <citation needed> Hippies? He saw them following Siddhartha and asked him abruptly, “What is this enlightenment stuff worth?”

3 pounds of flax.

The answer if perplexing was satisfactory to the farmer who presumed it meant “Not much.” when to his disciples, or Hippy entourage if you rather, it meant something much more profound.

Flax seeds – and potentiality.

It certainly wouldn’t take 3 whole bags of any seed to begin to cultivate that plant everywhere, given time. I pay attention to the breath to stop any thoughts from arising. Then I attend to my mood with no mental narrative. It generally improves drastically of it’s own accord until I’m contented.

Try that.

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