Some of us have days where being on land is a bit disconcerting. Being in the world but not of the world. You turn to hear negativity that people wholeheartedly believe in and on your best days you could show them a bigger picture. On land a tortoise is content… it might even wade slowly in to the shallows but certainly doesn’t swim.

Not That The Sea Grass Is Greener

Those of us who wandered through every conceivable avenue of thought arrived in places that make mundane concerns far less interesting. The implications of staying away from the shallows and preferring that which is whole over that which is distracting. The water is deep but is it better? Certainly not while on dry land.

Of Course Everyone Is Both…

As in point of fact we are not turtles or tortoises. For this analogy we can be both. It can be a matter of timing and most importantly interest. You genuinely can feel no strong drawing into conversations that have no ring of relevance. The news is not the news, it is what is meant to get your attention. It would otherwise include far more positive happenings, and be far less sensational. “The news” is whatever bad news can draw you into thinking about whatever the agency is selling. For them it’s about sponsors and demographics.

What Else Is Implied?

For land dwellers is it’s about believing in a point of view by adding to the rhetoric of factoids. Those factoids usually seem to support an opinion, no matter how it connects. On land a turtle is not at it’s best. To be fair in deep water a tortoise will drown so I guess it can be better to have a more abstract view of things. I could debate a point of view regardless of belief, but does that draw folks into the deep? That may be worth contemplation.

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