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Does it seem odd to fly away from sunny Florida to vacation in Virginia? It shouldn’t… So far my destination vacation has been both inspiring and delightful thanks in part to a few local spots worth mentioning.

Red Fox Inn

We arrived around 5… (I think?) and toured the historic Inn which may have a few very interesting stories to tell about the local history of Middleburg VA. Our experiences with the staff were friendly and inviting and the duck was divine. You’ll note the drinks menu is elaborate enough to include Pappy Van Winkle, Bulleit Rye, and Jameson so I was in heaven. Debra really enjoyed her period appropriate soup selections. We agreed that the location may be just about perfect for a holiday retreat with family.

La Madeleine’

As days went by at Debra’s suggestion, we elected to try this French Bakery and Bistro which has franchised to many locations and has a familiar enough menu to be worthy of mention for lunches and a warm enough ambience to consider for private dinners if you don’t mind a short wait for a good table. Think upscale Panera with wine and you get the general idea.

Somac Korean Fusion Bar & Grill

Not to be mistaken for a quasi-traditional Korean BBQ, Somac has an amazing menu with some of the best Yaki Udon I have ever tasted. They pride themselves on exceptional fried chicken and the drinks menu is appropriate to the bright combinations of savory and sour selections. We were delighted by the accompaniment style condiments that give you a sampling of the Kimchi that has been thoughtfully reduced in potency to be suitable for the appetizer menu.

My vacation has been extended through unforseeable events that would ordinarily drive a traveler mad. In good company in this place however I welcome the time remaining and can’t wait to find the next culinary treasure waiting just around the bend.

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