Doctor’s offices are fairly boring places by reputation. Granted there are magazines… Sometimes you get HGTV, instead of those awful closed circuit health programs that show basic yoga, and weightlifting, mixed with awful recipes for things you’ll never want to try. Some times in these places we see people getting a bit more social about their conditions.


When a waiting room is crammed with individuals and couples there is a spillover of information, whether you are eavesdropping or not. It doesn’t help when someone has a phone on speaker and needs to announce and articulate repeatedly in another language which of course prompts curiosity.

The Little Courtyard

After such a display of “phone openness,” I was surprised to see the individual outside sitting Zazen. I assume it was a good one because she looked serene. Her husband inside was struggling to make his way to and from the restroom with what seemed to be a very unpleasant knee or ACL injury.

Outside To Smoke

As civilization continues to devolve into a rolling dumpster fire of illogical nonsense I find myself smoking outside pretty much everywhere. It was fortunate today that the lighting was good. I’d have not spotted the meditating lady, or the courtyard. I was a bit deep in my own Zazen when I elected to snap the pic. Less so when I snapped the other.

Seems silly to try to color correct it now.
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