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Windows Mixed Reality Day 1 Review

Well shucks… I do wish I’d had a bluetooth dongle handy for day 1 but even without it I can say I’m definitely amazed at the immersion of 360 videos and I look forward to gaming on this device. The packaging was well thought out, the build quality is excellent. I selected an HP headset Read More

The Magicians

What if… Hello readers, As a passionate fan of shows like this I can scarcely contain my theoretical mind as it has been exposed to the subject matter involved for over 30 years. I’ll start with a brief synopsis and move into what I consider to be fan theory rather than fan fiction and let Read More

Latte Panda Alpha Day 1 Review

A brief look back into my history will show that I have a strong interest in single board computing and was immediately wowed by the original Latte Panda. It (The original) featured a cherry trail atom chipset and runs Windows 10 on par with any mid-range laptop or tablet. This served two purposes which were Read More

The Ship I Made Last Night On Space Engineers

Hello reader, I’ll start by saying I now; “Make ships all the time,” and generally fall in and out of love with them depending on how they perform in the Vanilla (unmodified) Space Engineers on Survival Mode… What the hell is space engineers and why are you blogging about this? Space Engineers by Keen Software Read More

Turtle Or Tortoise

Some of us have days where being on land is a bit disconcerting. Being in the world but not of the world. You turn to hear negativity that people wholeheartedly believe in and on your best days you could show them a bigger picture. On land a tortoise is content… it might even wade slowly Read More


So many people in my life have big concerns: sick spouses, sick kids, bad neighbors, rude bosses, and it never changes because life does that thing. It takes your ordinary circumstance and adds a stress. Tropical Animals At 40-50 Degrees It gets cold in Florida. Not compared to Maine or New Hampshire, but compared to Read More

Waiting Room

Doctor’s offices are fairly boring places by reputation. Granted there are magazines… Sometimes you get HGTV, instead of those awful closed circuit health programs that show basic yoga, and weightlifting, mixed with awful recipes for things you’ll never want to try. Some times in these places we see people getting a bit more social about Read More

Battle Of The Bulge Memorial Eustis Florida

It’s January… If I were still in Ohio it would be very cold right now. I lend my grandfather my hooded sweatshirt because in the shade it’s a breezy 60 degrees. We lived in this same area 25 years ago which feels like another life. We swam then in this weather too. We get out Read More

Space Engineers

Holy crap this gets better and better! So yeah, I love Science fiction and so many games that I play dabble in it but there is definitely a curve. In some games it’s an atmospheric setting, in some it might be the story… In this it’s something else entirely. You don’t understand how to do Read More

They Don’t Have To Be Good

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