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Nov 13

Android In Survival Mode

Hypothetical scenarios can be annoying when they aren't realistic but have you ever wondered what you would do if you only had one laptop/pc and it fried? How badly would you be setback? Many people deal with this scenario without the added pressure of having anything painfully important to do online, but some have no alternative but to try to get by at least for awhile on nothing but an android device. Lucky for them, and possibly for you, that isn't nearly as bad as you might think.

Android Apps That Save Jobs

Between google docs, and polaris office, it's fair to say that students can slide for a few weeks or longer but not without a productivity app suite. For the rest of us there are countless other things we actually might need. Juice ssh can get you onto your work machine, any remote desktop app including Chrome Remote Desktop can get you a whole desktop access to it. To work on your end you might need an IDE if you are a programmer, an HTML editor and so many other tools if you are in web design, or any number of applications that you thought were constrained to PC's just a few years ago. While using Android without a keyboard and mouse may have you thinking it's impossible, bluetooth mouse and keyboard combos can be had for less than $20 so it's entirely possible. There are graphics programs as apps that can make good substitutes for your first choice, and even emulators for Android that can possibly run Windows or Linux well enough to use the original programs you need.

Android Apps That Save Lives

Even with no simcard your smartphone can make an emergency call. On wifi with google hangouts or skype you can call landlines in a pinch and that can be a crucial tool in an emergency. Compass apps, gps locator apps, and survival apps that include tips for surviving in emergency situations could be a critical difference if you have no survival training. Obviously a flashlight app under the right conditions can really be a lifesaver, especially if your phone or tablet is with you in a car accident at night.
Android Apps That Save Money
Arguably you'll still want another PC or Laptop for now. Someday that may not be the case, but what better way to save a few dollars than to use a dealfinder app for ebay or amazon to get that next PC or Laptop. A Groupon app to find a less expensive lunch, and maybe a Vacationfinder to just get away from it all. Carguru, Uber etc.

But Do You Actually Need Any Of These Apps?

No - in fact with increasingly fewer exceptions you can do 90% (or more) of what I've suggested with just the browser. Granted ssh tools are nice, but even the Google Hangouts and Skype features have browser alternatives that could work well enough. (You can respond to sms via email in a pinch.) Remember every app you enable requires space, resources, and permissions. You could edit a document in email, you could use the lit screen of the tablet to see a few feet in the dark, or use an inbuilt flashlight tool that you hadn't looked for.
Trial and error will teach you exactly how many apps you actually need, and the life of your device including it's battery life will be improved dramatically. If you find you actually need those 20 apps and your laptop is actually fried, stay plugged in. Use your app manager to free up whatever resources you can and yes get a keyboard and mouse that work via bluetooth. It never hurts to be prepared.

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