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Apr 15

Black Hat Asia 2018

While Black Hat 2017 videos are still in my YouTube list we are already looking at the newest Black Hat 2018 videos. I'll include many but certainly not all of them in one article. This first video uploaded by Seunghun Han's Conference Video is regarding Shadow Box Version 2 and highlights how :"If you use kernel-level protection mechanisms with Shadow-box v2 (for ARM), then rootkits can not neutralize it and the system, Raspberry Pi 3, will be safe."  

Also submitted by Seunghun Han's this next video demonstrates Intel TXT Vulnerability.

We'll also include the playlist for the Keynotes of Day 1-2 and it's companion videos.

Day 2 below.

Server Tailgating below.

Hunting Season below.

In brief conclusion it would take considerable time to watch all of these and of course there are many others. BlackHat is an incredibly interesting event that always features exceptional lectures, amazing new projects, and is just as useful to business owners as it is to security professionals. I'd urge you to be prepared to have resources at hand to look up terminology you aren't familiar with, particularly if you have never seen any cyber security videos or conferences before just to get the best use out of your exposure on the topic. We'll continue adding to our coverage of these events. 

Incidentally, I invite you to enjoy my books. Many are free if you are an Amazon Prime member. No hurry as I'll be around forever. #AlwaysInTao

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