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Feb 13

Blogging In Neutral

Hello friends,

Historically my articles have varied from intensely personal and spiritual topics to clinical technical evaluations with minimal narrative. Blogging in neutral is a bit closer to descriptive blogging, which perhaps, in spite of my narrative, is precisely how one teaches this technique.  Knowing what to say without needing to elaborate is a practical exercise for descriptive blogging but to truly blog in neutral one must occasionally abandon the idea of the reader needing total clarity to get the gist of what is meant to be conveyed.

Blogs About Nothing 

Once upon a time a proof of concept could carry you past certain obstacles. In an article entitled "My Blog About Nothing" in 2015 I elaborately explained the eastern philosophical significance of "nothingness" against the backdrop of concepts like void, emptiness, and related that even a blog about nothing could be written well enough to be interesting. It received over 50,000 views quickly enough for me to think that a similar article might be welcome for aspiring writers/bloggers.

Conversational Style  

How do you talk to a friend? Are you generally pleasant? Can you write in a fashion that sounds that way? If your readers aren't meant to "be your friends," you can still try to write with the sincere appreciation for readers that they deserve. I talk very much how I write and that can be annoying to some people in large doses. I like to vary between narrative and facts, specs, images, videos, to give an overall pleasant impression for the reader. I like my readers, when I get too passionate about a topic they respond well because I don't do it constantly. Sharing ideas and enthusiasm is not supposed to sound like an infomercial for oxygenated cleaning products, or branded chamois.

A Neutral Stance

I'm not advocating a wishy washy non committal blog style, blogging in neutral is blogging without having to overthink it. You can develop a formula to break narrative up with facts, images, etc to give yourself a template that lets you continue to produce content even when it's not something that feels exciting. You certainly should have opinions and be ready to explain your reasoning. Nobody wants to read an article with no opinions to agree with or debate because that's about as deep as some readers care to go with written media. We're provoking thought, so provoke a thought. 


Social media is of course one of the more popular ways for blogs to be discovered, but when you understand how social media is actually used (by design) to manipulate people, you may want to avoid writing on certain topics to prevent your words from being used out of context. I've been quite fortunate not to be taken out of context very frequently. As I indicated at the beginning of the article, you get several points that I've made, and at no point did we require total clarity to arrive here. The upside is I could include something human here like thanking you for stopping by, and wishing you an awesome week.  


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