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Mar 22

Machine Learning Demonstrations

Go back to any good science fiction film of the 80's and look at what they imagined an intelligent machine would be. Nobody asked if Terminator's Skynet was trained using sensors over predictive algorithms, or if that neural network was based in a specific data set that had been developed for something unrelated. Most Artificial intelligence is directed at machine learning to a very specific purpose, and while that may not sound very interesting at first glance, you might be surprised by some of what we're looking at - watch the video and... I'll be back

 If Unity Were A Skynet Platform 

The scene in T2 where Arnold holds up his leg wouldn't be demonstrative of a simplistic learned skill, but a culmination of years of virtual gyroscopic testing and mathematical prowess accounting for as many variables as you can imagine. Watch an old video of Asimo falling down to understand how the code and the hardware must merge to a sensible midddle ground to progress with development.

Azure And The Minority Report  

Azure Isn't Currently Being Used To Predict Crimes

As applications for machine learning are data-centric, this is a more common example of general data used in prediction. The criteria that best match an outline most commonly agreed upon for the purpose of evaluation i.e. training. This is the strictest limitation of such machine learning; as once an AI is trained to use inputs (like the ones shown in the example,) the outputs are often as: subjective, as they are speculative. Nobody really expects a billionaire to live on the same street as someone making under $12,000 per year, but it could happen, and such eccentricities aren't part of the evaluation.

2 Years Ago  

Products That Featured Machine Learning Were Popular Startups

  • Cozmo
  • Moley Robot
  • Sawyer Robot
  • Google DeepMind Alpha GO
  • Berkeley BRETT (PR 2)
  • Google Research hand-eye coordination
  • Solo Emotional Radio
  • Google Speech Recognition
  • Kuka Self-Learning robot

*A special nod to our friends at LattePanda - who are also engaged in machine learning because they are developers who absolutely have the skill to change the world. #Cheers guys 

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