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Mar 11

Mandela Effect Explored

No matter how you spell Berenstain bears there are bizarre examples everywhere that seem to defy explanation of the now ubiquitous Mandela Effect. The central theme being events that large numbers of people recall being different than current media (mostly) can confirm. Everything from JFK's assassination to Jif peanut butter seem to be affected so we'll dive in and try to talk a bit about the far out science that might account for some of this phenomena.

 Cern and DWave

Imagine Shrodinger's cat had an evil twin that parroted it's counterpart instinctively... It helps to know that Shrodinger's cat is in a state of theoretical superposition and we can not know if the cat is alive or dead unless we open the box. It also helps to think of the evil twin cat as doing the same things as Shrodingers cat regardless of what it does, so if one dies, the other dies as well. Now send the evil cat back in time and use it to communicate somehow by opening the box. Maybe that's not the best way to describe quantum entanglement but if Cern is sending particles that are entangled into the past or future somehow - this analogy requires a DWave computer to affect either cat, or rather, particle. 

Beyond Kitty Particles

The Foundations Of Faith 

Just as changing Darth Vader's line from "Luke I am your father." to "No, I am your father." seems slightly off, changing things in ancient religious or even recent historical books could have a massive effect on how future generations view our reality. Couches in the Bible before couches were even a thing, bottles instead of wine skins, and most dangerously to some scholars, wolves instead of lions. A wolf is plenty for imagery sake, but a lion was one way early Christians described the devil, and was often also a symbol for Rome.  A wolf was of course only a symbol for Rome's mythical founders, Romulus and Remus, who suckled from a she wolf before heading off to build Rome. This could be significant, especially if further alterations further abstract the duality shown being resolved by Jehova in the perfected world described as his mountain. Faith plays an instrumental role in people's personal morals, sense of justice, correctness, and when tampered with, often becomes the fuel for war.

Life Was Like A Box Of Chocolates

YouTube List Videos Are Also Like A Box Of Chocolates I Guess

Well, they were once upon a time. I do think the science of time travel, multiple realities, quantum computing, robotics, simulation theory, and similar subjects is fascinating beyond measure. If we're not absolutely sure that this phenomena is false memory syndrome we should look at the real world implications of someone tinkering with the timeline before they master changing our memories to fit the emerging altered timeline. I've read enough comics to know that too much divergence might result in horrible catastrophic spin offs with no canonical stability. In short if we allow it to continue it will proliferate until it falls into the wrong hands. (Seriously make me ridiculously wealthy if it's just a console and I'll never write another article like this!) Chances are realities merging will create further distortions and now that more people are paying attention it will be easier to spot. Next time you are sure about a song lyric look it up and wonder if you were simply mistaken, or if you are catapulting through new realities and indeed it was Siouxsie And The Banshees that did Spellbound and never Rush.


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