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Jun 03

Programming Syntax Proposal

Hello reader,

In the lulls I get ideas and I think I've had one that might be useful for you programming language makers. I've been evaluating the syntax between about 7 languages while studying Japanese for fun and it hit me like a bolt of lightning... Subject, Object, Action, these are the difficult variables to explain to new programmers so why don't we work on syntax? Obviously I'm not the first person to think about this so I don't expect any applause. But what if we create a language that uses interpreted syntax i.e. fetch from lib a line 22 etc. 

In Some Languages This Was Intended...

In fact partly C accomplished this ages ago for the well understood functions of the time. Today however even the most advanced programming languages set out to accomplish dynamic things within their own pre-conceived functions. Part of what makes programming arguably difficult or limited to the programmers understanding of a language is the inability to map new functions with easy to create syntax. So I propose a language audit system - in spite of my inability to implement it alone. Here is how it should work...

I'll call it Fetch - because we'll be attempting to fetch new functions in an easy to understand way. 

Basic commands in this language or interpreter:

  • Fetch - explore outside the language, file, or index for a given defined function.
  • Object - defined the same as in any object oriented language and hopefully enummerated for simplictity i.e. object 1 def (table)
  • Intent - defined as intent for object - object = table intent = read then send? Submenu of language based intentions i.e. read, write, define, send, this would be easy in many languages
  • Subject - specific task for object if object requires multiple iterations of use... i.e. table subjected send then subjected write with intent of table change

This is of course just the beginning of this thought but I welcome elaborate discussion on the subject and any related reading suggestions if this is already a thing somewhere. My hope is to make teaching programming easier to grasp. Knowing how to make something happen in any programming language is a process but to be able to define the whole process and make better use of code management is a seemingly noble goal. Anything related to this "Fetch" example should in POC be able to allow even a novice programmer to be able to at a minimum understand exactly how to tell the computer to do a given task in the language they are using. Whether this was built into an IDE or developed as a standalone language it would be ideal if the list of commands was completely obviously understandable. I'm almost envisioning this language as implemented in the following way:


fetch obj def 1,2,3,4,5 from {Fetch}

obj 1 intent (read) from obj 2 and write to obj 3 <This would automatically use the correct python function etc>

sub 1 obj 3 and fetch from lib C object rendering and init to <whatever the goal was>

*Maybe you are seeing what I mean and can improve on this to make it even more natural - that would be awesome and if possible calling from multiple languages whatever functions can be integrated with no loss of function: i.e. php and python files through a fetch style interface to a compatible language package. Much like the finished product in a video game may use various languages in compatible ways - perhaps fetch could translate multiple language functions into one language for brevity. 

Think of the impact on Cyber Security if you could just add functions for defense with simple scripting from 10 languages and it would compile to one that worked!

Incidentally, I invite you to enjoy my books. Many are free if you are an Amazon Prime member. No hurry as I'll be around forever. #AlwaysInTao

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