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Feb 19

Recent Software Bugs Hacks And Exploits

Mac users will be delighted to know that a single character can crash any existing Mac, Iphone, Ipad, and even watch os device. The character is a Telugu character from the native Indian language charset used by over 70 million people.  The potential for this character to be spammed across social media is fairly high. The attack doesn't seem to affect Skype however the character can disable third-party apps like iMessage, Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, and Outlook for iOS, as well as Safari and Messages for the macOS versions.   


Microsoft will need to build a new version of Skype now that a critical vulnerability has been found that enables dll hijacking. This process grants full control to local unprivileged users, the Skype version for Linux could potentially be vulnerable in the same way and as no patch can be written that disabled this vector a new version of Skype will be expected soon.


Hackers stole $6 Million from Russian central bank using Swift system. Swift is the wire transfer system used as one of two major methods of bank robbery (The other is ATM "Jackpotting")  in 2016 hackers stole $81 million from Bangladesh central bank using Swift, prompting a 16 page warning to banks last fall.  


2 Russian nationals were sentenced to US federal prison after a data breach that resulted in over 160 million compromised credit card numbers and hundreds of millions in damages. The sentencing ranged from 12 years for the ringleader, and 4 years for the accomplice as well as supervision upon release. 

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