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Apr 08

The Near Future Of Technology

There are of course exceptions to the assertions made in this video. Uber is working on self driving cars, fast food companies have an investment in automation that suggests that even vending technology may become the future of franchises. I'll show some examples below as we explore this topic. As this is just scratching the surface I'd like to encourage you to find and report the most relevant automation to your own career field. 

Have a look below at McDonalds in Organfield NJ and it's use of a Kiosk system - eliminating the need for a cashier. This isn't the most automated version of what is currently in development. There are 100% human free operations in development for several fast food types, including pizza franchises.

What's the real story? Do we have a looming automation boom in our midst and what will this second industrial revolution mean to our economy? Real estate listing, web development, programming, writing, and a massive variety of other unexpected fields including health care, are seeing the emergence of automation of some kind.  


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