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Aug 12

University Of Michigan Creates Very Small Computer

10 times smaller than IBM's small computer

The University of Michigan has created a computer smaller than a grain of rice and it's primary applications will be medical at first. It is presumed that the next hurdle will be a tiny power source that can be sustained at scale. As it stands the device requires light to power it and any interruption causes a loss of data. It is unclear whether University of Michigan is considering other power sources but for now the device uses constant power at a micro scale. "Nano amperage," is the scale, and for comparison purposes one must note that Milliwatts are a million times more energy than this device is using. 


Light can disrupt circuitry at this scale. Light from the devices own transmission LED could actually induce current in such small circuits. This was one of the many challenges faced by the team who's study was presented June 21 at the 2018 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits. 

*Rice Grain For Comparison Purposes*

Read more at USA News...

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