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Feb 05

EternalChampion EternalRomance EternalSynergy Ported To All Versions Of Windows

The Shadow Brokers - A group claiming to have stolen this code from the NSA - This code was included in the April 2017 Shadow Brokers Dump which was reported by Bleeping Computers on April 14th. A security researcher has ported the exploits to work on every existing version of Windows. The full article by Bleeping Computers can be found here. 

Security researcher Sean Dillon, aka @zerosum0x0, is who ported the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) exploits to work on Windows versions released over the past 18 years. - CSO reporting here on the exploit vectors.

The Shadow Brokers activities are reasonably well documented, and articles like this one from The Atlantic give an overview of their general representation by small media. These ported exploits in question were not altogether as popular as Eternal Blue (Used in Wannacry and related ransomware) but as there are now open source projects on Metasploit for these vulnerabilities/exploits, I suspect we'll be hearing more about this in the near future.     

Eternal Blue In Action Below


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