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Sep 03

How To Add An HTML Banner

Hello readers,

In this quick tutorial we'll be talking about creating and placing banners on websites. This process is actually easy on platforms like wordpress, drupal, joomla, and other cms where you essentially upload the image and select a url to direct the picture click to. On HTML sites the process is similar but requires an image folder, and a bit of code.

Wordpress & Other Cms

Click the add image icon and select an image to upload. 

In the section regarding image properties change the url to whatever destination you like:

This can also be done via image properties on an existing image, the new url will act as a direct on click as though it were href in HTML.

Doing This In HTML

Below as shown are the relevant snippets but of course wherever you see your_link we mean your target website url, this is correct. The src = part does require image location in your images file so if you uploaded the image into an images folder you need to use the correct image address. 

<a href="your_link"><img src="your_image" /></a>

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<a href=""><img src="/preview.jpg" /></a>

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