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Dec 11

Latte Panda's Next Wave

Let's consider this more of a "heralding of the next big small thing." As I write this I am less than 2 feet away from my original generation Latte Panda which has left me so impressed that I was actually skeptical of the notion of any real improvement being possible on a device of this scale. I use single board computers for a wide variety of tasks, most of those tasks are development related but some are not. The original Latte Panda handles both quite favorably* by utilizing an Intel Cherry Trail chipset, 64Gb storage, 4 Gb Ram, mind you this device physically sits on top of my phone sometimes, so those specs are astonishingly good.

*By quite favorably I mean it rocks in every way imaginable


In one of my regular correspondences with the developers of the LattePanda I jokingly asked, "Would it even be possible to put an intel core I5 in such a small device, and the response was a chilling "Wait until you see what we're working on." Now that was less than 6 months ago, and I had no idea that they had completely jumped at the chance to push the boundaries of singleboard computing to the absolute extremes. Look closely at where this device ranks on benchmarks.

Fantasy Becomes Reality

This of course assumes you realize that the MacBook is not only slower but costs over 4 times as much... #TakeThatApple and incidentally this also has a headphone jack so once again we have a winner in the SBC against the major competitors a few different ways here and for less than $300. It gets better though, and I mean seriously cool = better.

Streaming Cable Does What Now?

Dear Hackers, when was the last time you wanted to plug in a whole 'nother computer and run both at once but literally just via a usb with like picture in picture etc? Yeah, this does that. Let me say that again, this thing does that thing.

Yes I Am Now Officially Obsessed

This thing is awesome, and I may have had a tiny bit of influence in naming it, but that isn't important. What is important is that you jump up and down with me as we celebrate the coolest new device to hit the market since... actually the last Latte Panda. You know all told I've written probably 15-20 articles about that one, just wait till I get this thing. Expect diligent reporting and soul crushing screenshots.  

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