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Nater Associates Ltd.

Nov 12

Nater Associates Ltd.

Operational security challenges are a significant part of any successful organization. In recent years I've had the good fortune to get to know a true professional. Felix Nater is and has been a trusted confidant since may of 2011 when he introduced me to the world of workplace violence prevention. I've seen him consult in varying capacities on the topic; give speeches, participate in round table discussions, and I am always impressed by his brilliance. On one occasion I watched as someone with none of his expertise tried to suggest a strategy that ran counter to what he was saying. Felix politely commended the man's thinking, and deftly reasserted precisely why he had made his own considerate and accurate point. Lot's of people like to imagine or pretend that they are experts, Felix Nater is the real McCoy.

If you ever have concerns about workplace violence prevention because of disgruntled customers or employees don't hesitate to contact him. (877) 825-8101

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