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Nov 12

Useful Python

Between it's uses for security and visualizations there are more handy snippets of python than I can keep track of. It has become my favorite language for scripting, and possibly for programming in general. I use it constantly. I wanted to include some useful snippets here that you might enjoy, some will be in pdf formats, and I will add more as time goes by. The chapter headings are links to pdf documents I previously authored - click those to learn more.

Hangups For SMS

Any of you who use Google Hangouts are no doubt familiar with the call features and would love to have a real time stripped down version at hand. For those of you unfamiliar with Google Hangouts it is a real time messenger that offers texting and video and voip phone calling similar to Skype. Offering even the texting as a standalone feature may not warrant an open browser tab at all times, so you have options: like forwarding the texts and calls to another phone, or using Hangups. (PDF Also includes Rainbowstream)

Data Visualizations

The Matplotlibs visualizations consisting of charts and plots are how I actually make determinations with performance graphs during reviews. It is also how I show exactly what is performing better or worse on a given hardware so I had to include it for you.

Python For Security Example

Example of a python port scanner, I found this example some time back - I didn't write it but I know it works fairly well in geany, ninja, and various other IDE. If you do attempt to copy this script remember to save with the extension .py as in or it will simply not function.



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