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The aquatic creature - "undefined" animal acrylic on canvas seascape

Jul 14

Paintings By Brian

Hello readers,

I can't even imagine how long this will be going on but yes I've begun painting. To acquire one of these original one of a kind works by me (Brian Taylor) please contact me and make an offer. The going rate on any of these is subject to change depending on interest and orders above $100 will probably get free shipping. I haven't set a price but will not accept any offers under $35-$50 under any circumstances. This policy is mostly to cover use of supplies and my time investment. 

*Colors may very slightly due to monitor resolutions and poor image quality with camera. Colors are vivid and unfortunately highly reflective for photography. Some detail doesn't show particularly well in this format so for more close up images contact and request more pictures of the painting by name. 

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