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Mar 22

Machine Learning Demonstrations

Go back to any good science fiction film of the 80's and look at what they imagined an intelligent machine would be. Nobody asked if Terminator's Skynet was trained using sensors over predictive algorithms, or if that neural network was based in a specific data set that had been developed for something unrelated. Most Artificial intelligence is directed at machine learning to a very specific purpose, and while that may not sound very interesting at first glance, you might be surprised by some of what we're looking at - watch the video and... I'll be back

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Mar 03

Interesting AI Projects Currently In Development


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Jan 16

AI Cyber Attacks VS Scripted Botnets

2017 is over and 2018 is already buzzing with thoughts about what role AI based cyber attacks will play in an evolving landscape. To be clear, artificial intelligence does not have to be either particularly clever, nor does it have to be significantly adept, to become a nuisance. A system that can do 20 scans per hour and only bother executing an exploit under even the most exacting specifications could be set and forgotten on a server, waiting for the unsuspecting visitor. If such a system targeted either a given IP range, a specific OS, or even a set of ssh keys that hadn't been changed from their defaults, such a system could prove devastating with very little functional intelligence.

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