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Mar 11

Mandela Effect Explored

No matter how you spell Berenstain bears there are bizarre examples everywhere that seem to defy explanation of the now ubiquitous Mandela Effect. The central theme being events that large numbers of people recall being different than current media (mostly) can confirm. Everything from JFK's assassination to Jif peanut butter seem to be affected so we'll dive in and try to talk a bit about the far out science that might account for some of this phenomena.

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Dec 11

Latte Panda's Next Wave

Let's consider this more of a "heralding of the next big small thing." As I write this I am less than 2 feet away from my original generation Latte Panda which has left me so impressed that I was actually skeptical of the notion of any real improvement being possible on a device of this scale. I use single board computers for a wide variety of tasks, most of those tasks are development related but some are not. The original Latte Panda handles both quite favorably by utilizing an Intel Cherry Trail chipset, 64Gb storage, 4 Gb Ram, mind you this device physically sits on top of my phone sometimes, so those specs are astonishingly good.

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Nov 15

Parallel Computing Vs Cloud

Imagine for a moment you keying up serious computer with real muscle. One of those fancy $40,000 Puget Systems jobs. You login to a server and see a distributed network waiting for a command, everything is pristine, a controller GUI - no even better a CLI list in front of you shows which resources on which machine are just waiting for your command. Now of course the question becomes, "Which process on which machine do you actually need to do what?" If what you needed was to solve a massive resource issue, you might need to break it into components and let the machine solve it in Parallels. 

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Nov 13

LattePanda Review

I've rated this device a perfect 5 out of 5 for it's exemplary performance and will list it's specs below.

Processor: Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 1.8GHz Operation System: Pre-installed full edition of Windows 10 Ram: 4GB DDR3L Storage Capability: 64GB GPU: Intel HD Graphics, 12 EUs @200-500 Mhz, single-channel memory One USB3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 Built-in Arduino Co-processor: ATmega32u4 Video output: HDMI and MIPI-DSI Onboard touch panel overlay connector Supports 100Mbps Ethernet GPIO: 6 GPIOs from Cherry Trail processor 20 GPIOs from Arduino Leonardo 6 Plug and play Gravity sensor connectors Power: 5v/2A Dimension of board: 88 * 70 mm/ 3.46 * 2.76 inches Packing Size: 110 * 94 * 30 mm/4.33 * 3.70 * 1.18 inches N.W.: 55g G.W.: 100g

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