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Sep 03

How To Add An HTML Banner

Hello readers,

In this quick tutorial we'll be talking about creating and placing banners on websites. This process is actually easy on platforms like wordpress, drupal, joomla, and other cms where you essentially upload the image and select a url to direct the picture click to. On HTML sites the process is similar but requires an image folder, and a bit of code.

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May 31

We Have Moved

Hello readers and existing clients!

We've moved to Sunny Grand Island Florida and are still operational. I'd like to thank our readers and clients for being patient during this transition and thought I'd take a moment to share some of the incredible adventure. 

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Dec 09

Installing Linux Via USB

Newcomers to GNU, Linux, and BSD Operating systems will want very specific instruction regarding the installation of an operating system for their own specific PC, Laptop, or device. However many variations exist due to the variety of Bios, Uefi, and other similar systems. Fortunately the process doesn't change much and this guide can act as an overview to the process itself. This process is almost identical to installing to SD card, but SD cards require an .img file rather than an ISO. A tool called win32 disk imager is preferable for writing to SD cards. This process from Linux requires slightly different tools but those tools exist on the Linux systems themselves i.e. USB image writer on Linux Mint vs Rufus etc.

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Nov 17

How Sysadmins Can Prevent Dramatic Errors

We've all been responsible for something at some point. Website Admins, Linux System Admins, Bake sale operators? Whomever you are you have undoubtedly had at least one experience where something was organized neatly for a reason and had someone come along and screw it up royally by being ID 10 T. In new systems this isn't a massive problem, but on established systems someone with the wrong privilege can ruin quite a bit and quickly. Admins go to great pains to prevent this by believing in education until that fails - which it does in dramatic and costly ways.

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Nov 14

Simulation Theory

By now you may have heard of this notion that everything could be "just a simulation." Chances are you haven't heard some of the supporting evidence, so I figured I'd endeavor to throw some of that in front of you here,

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Nov 13


Originally posted on my last website version and still accurate as my assessment. 

If you haven't begun investigating bitcoin because you weren't sure where to begin, a good place might be coinbase. A fairly typical exchange with paypal access and stringent security that is user friendly enough to get started with.
One of the reasons we like coinbase, is their ability to accept small payouts from experimental mining like small scale cloud mining. Cloud mining involves purchasing hashpower and allocating to a specific cryptocurrency like litecoin, bitcoin, ethereum etc.
On a small scale a $30 investment tends to payout small change daily, but as time goes by some of these allocations can add up/add to other small scale mining efforts. In an article next week we'll probably be going over how to build a small bitcoin mining rig.

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