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Nov 15

Nvidia Changes Focus

Often when I start a review project like this one I begin with a series of questions about fitness. In the case of this hardware in question (an MSI GTX 750ti) my questions were primarily related to fitness across operating systems for: gaming, and video production related tasks. I could speculate that while many consumers would be interested in the performance details against hardware like a GTX 1050ti or perhaps against an older graphics card like the stock Nvidia Quadro 600 that came with my workstation.  There are benchmarking sites that can tell how different on paper such things perform under expected loads and stresses but very few in depth comparisons. I'd like to note that as Nvidia pushes towards the newest RTX products and the Quadro 6000 this article will be more for builders than for testers.

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Oct 02

LoJax Malware Discovered On Laptop

The UEFI boot-loader, or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is: An arguably superfluous step towards improving the layer of hardware abstraction recognized at boot... Which essentially means that non standard computer and rtos type systems with (strange arrays?) - might still have options for running/booting "software" in a manner consistent with ordinary boot-loaders, which are of course fairly standardized. PC hardware changes slowly enough for most operating systems engineers to write customized loading protocol within a system kernel for every target system with perhaps 2-3 exceptions for ordinary use. 

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