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Jul 04

Linux Mint 19 Review

Way back in 2008 I tried Linux Mint for the first time. It was of course only initially released in 2006 but even by the time I had tried it I could tell something was distinctly different about this version of Linux... I never much cared for vanilla Ubuntu, but had stayed clear of Mint at first partly because the newcomers made it out to be a Linux for noobs. There are plenty of people who still make the case that Linux Mint is simply the defacto standard for newcomers, but as a Crunchbang Linux user I wasn't in any hurry to switch. The installer was dead simple to make and use, the standard options were good even then, and above all else Linux mint felt very much like the Linux I was using as it had a pre-selected list of programs nearly identical to what I'd install on my desktop on any Linux variant. Open office which is now replaced with Libre-Office vs whatever was on Ubuntu etc.

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Jun 03

Programming Syntax Proposal

Hello reader,

In the lulls I get ideas and I think I've had one that might be useful for you programming language makers. I've been evaluating the syntax between about 7 languages while studying Japanese for fun and it hit me like a bolt of lightning... Subject, Object, Action, these are the difficult variables to explain to new programmers so why don't we work on syntax? Obviously I'm not the first person to think about this so I don't expect any applause. But what if we create a language that uses interpreted syntax i.e. fetch from lib a line 22 etc. 

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Nov 28

Getting Started In Information Security

Some of the challenges of breaking into information security as a career involve finding the right resources. Fortunately it is becoming easier and with the right mentality you can avoid becoming a pseudo expert by learning the real fundamental skills to make the constant evolution in a challenging field.

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Nov 13

Google's Bounty Hack

Mashable mentioned in an article, that Google is looking for hackers to participate in their challenge. The goal is of course to pay out $1000 in addition to the reward from any given app exploited and reported. To quote the article: "Here's how it works. If you find a security vulnerability in one of the participating apps, you can report that vulnerability to the developer, and work with them to fix it. When the problem has been resolved, the Android Security team will pay you $1,000 as a reward, on top of any reward you get from the app developer."
As an example of what they might expect - I'll offer the following:

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Nov 12

Useful Python

Between it's uses for security and visualizations there are more handy snippets of python than I can keep track of. It has become my favorite language for scripting, and possibly for programming in general. I use it constantly. I wanted to include some useful snippets here that you might enjoy, some will be in pdf formats, and I will add more as time goes by.

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