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Mar 22

Machine Learning Demonstrations

Go back to any good science fiction film of the 80's and look at what they imagined an intelligent machine would be. Nobody asked if Terminator's Skynet was trained using sensors over predictive algorithms, or if that neural network was based in a specific data set that had been developed for something unrelated. Most Artificial intelligence is directed at machine learning to a very specific purpose, and while that may not sound very interesting at first glance, you might be surprised by some of what we're looking at - watch the video and... I'll be back

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Mar 11

Mandela Effect Explored

No matter how you spell Berenstain bears there are bizarre examples everywhere that seem to defy explanation of the now ubiquitous Mandela Effect. The central theme being events that large numbers of people recall being different than current media (mostly) can confirm. Everything from JFK's assassination to Jif peanut butter seem to be affected so we'll dive in and try to talk a bit about the far out science that might account for some of this phenomena.

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Mar 03

Interesting AI Projects Currently In Development


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Jan 02

Monolithic Vs Micro The Kernel Conundrum

Ancient scholars would debate endlessly about all things theoretical. They could imagine the factual basis for their arguments were completely valid, thanks mostly to confirmation bias. It happens once in a while that people come to such erroneous conclusions about things in the modern age, especially things like this. Many of you neither know nor care what a kernel even is, but it is an essential component of your computer's operating system, that determines how your machine will present your requests to the processors, memory, or controlled devices. It does little things like: running device drivers either within, or outside of itself in user space, determining where file systems are accessed, holding the modules that communicate through itself. This topic actually gave rise in the 1970's to a debate that still continues to this day, over whether it is better to use a Micro Kernel, or Monolithic Kernel. Many of those debating still rely on the same arguments in spite of decades of minor changes that pretty much negate any significant difference between these subsystems as anything more than a happenstance.

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Nov 14

Simulation Theory

By now you may have heard of this notion that everything could be "just a simulation." Chances are you haven't heard some of the supporting evidence, so I figured I'd endeavor to throw some of that in front of you here,

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