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Oct 02

LoJax Malware Discovered On Laptop

The UEFI boot-loader, or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is: An arguably superfluous step towards improving the layer of hardware abstraction recognized at boot... Which essentially means that non standard computer and rtos type systems with (strange arrays?) - might still have options for running/booting "software" in a manner consistent with ordinary boot-loaders, which are of course fairly standardized. PC hardware changes slowly enough for most operating systems engineers to write customized loading protocol within a system kernel for every target system with perhaps 2-3 exceptions for ordinary use. 

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Not This One

Aug 12

University Of Michigan Creates Very Small Computer

10 times smaller than IBM's small computer

The University of Michigan has created a computer smaller than a grain of rice and it's primary applications will be medical at first. It is presumed that the next hurdle will be a tiny power source that can be sustained at scale. As it stands the device requires light to power it and any interruption causes a loss of data. It is unclear whether University of Michigan is considering other power sources but for now the device uses constant power at a micro scale. "Nano amperage," is the scale, and for comparison purposes one must note that a Milliwatts are a million times more energy than this device is using. 

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May 03

The Vinegar Tasters

Only Lao Tzu is smiling in the picture. The other 2 men are meant to be Buddha, and Confucius. Buddha believed the world was Samsara, an illusion in which the wheel of suffering needed to be escaped. Confucius believed the world was meant to be overcome with discipline, ergo; "sour". Why then is Lao Tzu smiling? Vinegar was not only a representation of life, but also of; decay, and forward thinking. Vinegar is and was made through a process of fermentation much as wine can become a vinegar under the right conditions. In tasting what is arguably not simply vinegar as, "life" one may recognize that this thinking was upon the direction the process of life may go. Tasting the product of a belief or a process is almost a theme of most Eastern philosophical writing. Much as many today might stand in awe of certain technological wonders, and either like or dislike the end result. 

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Apr 08

The Near Future Of Technology

A look at the near future of automation tech, and some of the implications. 

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Mar 03

Interesting AI Projects Currently In Development


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Feb 05

EternalChampion EternalRomance EternalSynergy Ported To All Versions Of Windows

The Shadow Brokers - A group claiming to have stolen this code from the NSA - This code was included in the April 2017 Shadow Brokers Dump which was reported by Bleeping Computers on April 14th. A security researcher has ported the exploits to work on every existing version of Windows. The full article by Bleeping Computers can be found here. 

Security researcher Sean Dillon, aka @zerosum0x0, is who ported the Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) exploits to work on Windows versions released over the past 18 years. - CSO reporting here on the exploit vectors.

The Shadow Brokers activities are reasonably well documented, and articles like this one from The Atlantic give an overview of their general representation by small media. These ported exploits in question were not altogether as popular as Eternal Blue (Used in Wannacry and related ransomware) but as there are now open source projects on Metasploit for these vulnerabilities/exploits, I suspect we'll be hearing more about this in the near future.     

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Jan 05

Meltdown And Specter

Everything you know about hacking is probably going to change soon. Specter and Meltdown are "among" the first vulnerabilities that potentially make use of weaknesses in isolation layers. Layers that generally are protected from programs that might try to bypass them through more conventional exploitation. The x86 addresses and sinkholes - which are only documented by the manufacturers of processors in ways that read like censored encyclopedias, are in fact being documented in the wild by a few hackers - if not many. This means that anyone who knows how to fuzz a processor's microcodes and has enough time on their hands can in point of fact find exactly the kinds of exploitable snippets of microcode that would make use of vulnerabilities like the ones we are discussing.

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Dec 13

Why Kaspersky Is Now Banned From US Government Computers

Kaspersky Labs has a rich history as the maker of the worlds first true antivirus product. The company introduced heuristics based antivirus ages ago and long before any of it's competition. The company is based in Moscow and has operated well above the expected standard for a normal antivirus product. So why has the US government banned it's use recently? Are they really working with Russian government? Where is the evidence?

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Nov 15

Parallel Computing Vs Cloud

Imagine for a moment you keying up serious computer with real muscle. One of those fancy $40,000 Puget Systems jobs. You login to a server and see a distributed network waiting for a command, everything is pristine, a controller GUI - no even better a CLI list in front of you shows which resources on which machine are just waiting for your command. Now of course the question becomes, "Which process on which machine do you actually need to do what?" If what you needed was to solve a massive resource issue, you might need to break it into components and let the machine solve it in Parallels. 

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Nov 14

Simulation Theory

By now you may have heard of this notion that everything could be "just a simulation." Chances are you haven't heard some of the supporting evidence, so I figured I'd endeavor to throw some of that in front of you here,

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