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Amazon Fire HD

I love mine, but I added Google Playstore pretty much as I took it out of the box because that’s what I do to stuff… I have a complicated relationship with anything android related because adb push is such a cinch you really should just get good at it. I added chrome because what is Read More

Tomb Raider

This isn’t a new game… but it was awesome! Reviewing new games is great and all but reviewing great games is better. Have a look at some of the incredible sequences of the 2013 game. I have a whole playlist of these to check out as well as several other games. Read More

Dell Precision Workstation T1650

I recently purchased an off lease Dell Precision T1650 from a vendor on ebay for $200… A lot of restoration was expected but strangely none was required… I blew out the dust bunnies who are now living happily elsewhere. It came with a Xeon e3 1225 v2 (Quad but just barely not not multi threaded Read More