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Space Engineers

Holy crap this gets better and better! So yeah, I love Science fiction and so many games that I play dabble in it but there is definitely a curve. In some games it’s an atmospheric setting, in some it might be the story… In this it’s something else entirely. You don’t understand how to do Read More

Canon Pixma Printer

I’m as surprised as you… As a rule when reviewing products I have purchased I take a skeptical stance on items that are “far below” typical expected prices. So when I went shopping for a printer I had one goal: The cheapest all in one wireless printer that had inexpensive ink replacement. The rundown: Upon Read More

Dell Precision Workstation T1650

I recently purchased an off lease Dell Precision T1650 from a vendor on ebay for $200… A lot of restoration was expected but strangely none was required… I blew out the dust bunnies who are now living happily elsewhere. It came with a Xeon e3 1225 v2 (Quad but just barely not not multi threaded Read More